Complete List of Obama’s 2008 Campaign Promises

By Jonathan Williams

A day before the election, I decided to download every single Fact Sheet I could find on Barack Obama’s campaign website to have a record of the billions of campaign promises made that he won’t be able to fulfill. I never uploaded them here because all of the promises were still up and easily accessible on for a while after the election.

Now, however, I discovered that they aren’t easily accessible on his site so below is the complete lists every.pdf Fact Sheet that was on his website a day before the election.

You may notice that some Fact Sheets have seemingly two copies below. I purposely did this because those PDF’s appeared in two separate places on with two separate file names.

Overall Promises

Obama’s Blueprint for Change.pdf


Tax Plan Fact Sheet.pdf

Small Business Fact Sheet.pdf

Tax Plan Fact Sheet.pdf

Domestic Issues

Urban Fact Sheet.pdf

The Impact of the Obama Economic Plan for America’s Working Women.pdf

Tackling Domestic Hunger.pdf

Rural Plan Fact Sheet.pdf

Immigration Fact Sheet (PDF)

Transportation Fact Sheet.pdf

Poverty Fact Sheet.pdf


Obama’s Fiscal Policy.pdf

Mortgage Fact Sheet.pdf



Pre K-12 Education Fact Sheet.pdf

National Service Plan Fact Sheet.pdf

Making College Affordable for Everyone.pdf

Education Reform Fact Sheet.pdf


Energy Fact Sheet.pdf

Wildfire Fact Sheet.pdf

Environment Fact Sheet.pdf


Taking Back our Government Fact Sheet.pdf


Supporting Americans with Autism Spectrum Disorders.pdf

Healthcare FAQ.pdf

Healthcare Full Plan.pdf

AIDS Fact Sheet.pdf

Cancer Fact Sheet.pdf

Disability Plan Fact Sheet.pdf

Science and Technology

Science Fact Sheet.pdf

Innovation and Technology Fact Sheet.pdf


Obama’s Plan to Defeat Terrorism Worldwide (PDF)

Keeping Promises to our Nation’s Veterans & Building a 21st Century VA (PDF)

Homeland Security Fact Sheet.pdf

Defense Fact Sheet (1).pdf

21st Century Threats.pdf

Defense Fact Sheet (2).pdf


Israel Fact Sheet.pdf

China Fact Sheet.pdf

Latin America Fact Sheet.pdf

Foreign Policy Democratization and Development Fact Sheet.pdf

Europe Fact Sheet.pdf


Obama on Faith.pdf

Katrina Fact Sheet.pdf

Arts Fact Sheet.pdf

Child Advocacy Fact Sheet.pdf


With the recent flip-flopping in the administration’s policy, it shouldn’t take you too long to discover other campaign promises listed in these documents that has been flipped on as well. Good Luck.

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5 Responses to “Complete List of Obama’s 2008 Campaign Promises”

  1. JT says:

    Lies, lies, and damned lies.

  2. [...] recall that. Here is a list of his campaign promises form 2008. Your claim does not appear on it.…aign-promises/ Straight marriage and same sex marriage are like bikini tops and bras. The exact same thing, but [...]

  3. Brittney says:

    This has been very useful to me for the last few months. I never publish posts on facebook without the facts and I hope my liberal friends will see the light. Thanks!

  4. Major says:

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