There may be some hope

By Jonathan Williams

According to the Heritage Foundation, there may be some hope that the Global Warming Alarmists won’t get any of their legislation passed any time soon.

On the surface it may seem as though the Senate moved closer to “doing something” about global warming since 54 Senators said they would have voted for cloture on Lieberman-Warner last week compared to only 43 votes in favor in 2003. But as the New York Times points out, 10 senators (including liberal Senators from rust-belt states) said they would not have actually voted for final passage of the bill unless it was amended to help industries sensitive to high energy prices. So in the span of five years, the environmentalists only gained one vote. And looking at the political environment ahead, their case will only get weaker.

Now that is some good news however I don’t think our luck will last for long. If Democrats win it big this November, I don’t know how long the alarmists will be kept at bay.

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