Live Blogging the California Democratic Debate

By Jonathan Williams

I’m going to be blogging the Democratic Debate tonight which is going to be basically a cage match between Hillary and Obama. This is going to be a very interesting night.


UPDATE (8:07pm ET):
Wolf Blitzer just stated the rules for tonight’s debate and they are:
This is equivalent to him saying “Lets get ready to rumble!!!” Oh its going to be an interesting night.


UPDATE (8:17pm ET):

Gosh, Hillary just pointed out that “just by looking” at herself and Obama, the viewing audience can tell that they are not the same as the Republicans that debated the day before.


Hmmm…for someone who keeps stressing that this race isn’t about race or sex, she sure keeps bring it up a lot.


UPDATE (8:25pm ET):

Still no attacks on eachother. Just blathering on about socialized medicine, I mean universal health care.


UPDATE (8:27pm ET):
Barack Obama just worked in the fact that Ted Kennedy supports him.


UPDATE (8:30pm ET):
Hillary keeps driving home the point that Democrats need to carry the banner of universal health care.


UPDATE (8:34pm ET):

As Obama was talking about rolling back tax cuts of the rich, the camera cuts to a picture of Jason Alexander, who plays George Castanza. He seemed pretty indifferent.


UPDATE (8:45pm ET):

Hillary is talking about “cracking down on the border” plus then that we need to help create more jobs for Mexicans in Mexico. So, is she for creating a border fence plus outsourcing jobs to Mexico? For someone who doesn’t want anything to do with Republicans, that sure sounds very conservative.


UPDATE (8:50pm ET):

Hillary doesn’t want illegals to have ID’s because it would put them at risk to being found out. Is that honestly the reason she doesn’t want illegal immigrants to have ID’s? That is crazy.


UPDATE (8:53pm ET):

First commercial break. Check out these other live blogs of the debate:


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UPDATE (9:02pm ET):

Wolf Blitzer just asked what experience does Hillary have because she was the first lady. Hillary initially dodges the question by focusing on 35 years ago, the time right when she got out of law school. She also talked about how she traveled around the world when she was the First Lady.


UPDATE (9:06pm ET):

Hillary brings up that having a woman president would be a very big change for the country. Yet again, the “change” she keeps talking about will be focussed on her gender, not her ideas.


UPDATE (9:09pm ET):

I just realized that all our accomplishments in Iraq will be for nothing if a Democrat becomes president. I pray for the Iraqi’s sake that this won’t happen.


UPDATE (9:12pm ET):

This is very weird but everyone is actually focusing on South Carolina. Barack and Hillary have both brought up the education issues in South Carolina and the lady from the Politico asked a question from a woman from South Carolina. Weird, I thought that South Carolina would be long forgotten by now in the grand scheme of things.


UPDATE (9:13pm ET):

Right before CNN cut to a commercial, Hillary made a comment to the affect that it took a Clinton to clean up after the first Bush so it surely will take a Clinton to clean up after the second one. This got a hearty cheer from the audience plus a shot of Pierce Brosnan.


UPDATE (9:21pm ET):

Hillary just stated that the Iraq government is going to have to make the tough decisions and to take charge because they are “out of time.” Well, I have a good feeling that if this is going to be our message to Iraq, martial law will rain in there once we leave. I also bet that a year after we have all our troops out (theoretically two years after Hillary is elected) the relative peace we have now will have evaporated.


UPDATE (9:23pm ET):

Barack just said that if we are so afraid about Iran influence in the Iraqi government, we shouldn’t have invaded Iraq in the first place. Well sorry Obama, but we are there now and we need to take responsibility for our actions. This means that we need to guarantee the Iraqi people a stable government before we leave.


UPDATE (9:32pm ET):

On the topic of Iraq, Democrats always seem to focus on what the US needs to do, almost always ignoring what will happen to the Iraqi people. Hmmm…not caring about the people whose country we have meddled in has caused us a lot of grief in the past. Just look at almost every Latin American country’s history.


UPDATE (9:33pm ET):

Hillary just said she believes in “coercive diplomacy.”


UPDATE (9:38pm ET):

I just want to remind everyone at this point that Barack Obama was voted the Most Liberal Senator for 2007.


UPDATE (9:46pm ET):

CNN cuts back to the debate late after another commercial break to Obama talking about regulating the airwaves. He brings up how he wouldn’t want his kids to see a slasher movie trailer during American Idol. He wants to promote working with advertisers to work something out.


UPDATE (9:47pm ET):

When asked about Bill, Hillary gives one of her classic fake laughs along with the most forced smile I have seen all night. Oh Bill, you always seemed to bring out the best in people.


UPDATE (9:49pm ET):

Blitzer asked if either of the candidates would accept the other as a running mate. Neither wanted to answer either way which is the smart political move at this point. Barack did say that she would be on his “short list” after a little hesitation.


UPDATE (9:52pm ET):

The debate is finally over. Who won the debate? I really don’t know. Judging by how many times I had something to say about Hillary, Obama seems to have come out ahead.


One thing that everyone must note is that there wasn’t an all out brawl tonight. I was pretty disappointed by this because I was looking forward to a little more excitement.

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